Mediation Week at ICM

Challenging Conflict

They came from all over the nation to Lipscomb to explore the future of mediation. Last week witnessed a wonderful season of mediation growth and training. ICM hosted its tenth Rule 31 training session with a full roster of over 30 aspiring mediators and Tracy Allen from Detroit, Michigan. ICM also hosted its graduate course in Cultural and Gender Based Conflict with Nina Meierding from Seattle, Washington. At the same time, the Tennessee Association of Professional Mediators hosted its annual meeting with guest presenter Jack Himmelstein. Jack is affiliated with the Harvard Negotiation Project, author of Challenging Conflict: Mediation Through Understanding and directs the Center for Understanding in Conflict based in New York. Additionally, community and private mediators from across Tennessee gathered to explore the future of mediation in our region.

Over 100 mediators and conflict resolution specialists were on campus for three days. On Friday night, Jack, Tracy and Nina, all superstars in their own orbits, shared their perspective on the state of mediation and conflict management.

The overwhelming sense of the time spent and the thoughts shared is that the time has never been more ripe for the skills of collaboration, consensus building, mediation and facilitation of constructive outcomes.

When the stars align and point us in the same direction, can we fail to follow their lead?

The need for collaborative skills and service in the public interest is acutely critical in this time of partisanship for the sake of partisanship.

ICM is pleased to be able to host such dynamic events and assist in promoting the best in consensus building techniques through the work of such great practitioners as these leaders in conflict management.


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